3kg Chocolate Melter



The perfect temperature for the ideal consistency, the Waring® Chocolate Melter liquefies pure chocolate for dipping, candy making or ladling over your signature desserts. The melter features water-resistant touch controls and an LCD digital screen with readout in Celsius or Fahrenheit. It shows you the set temperature and the probe temperature—a Ready indicator appears when the temperatures match. The unit heats up gently and holds its temperature with no hotspots. It’s easy to clean and available in two sizes.

  • Removable, industry standard-size stainless steel pans (7″ x 12″)
  • Housing rim designed to prevent chocolate from seeping under the pan
  • Lid cutouts accommodate a ladle and probe
  • Temperature range from 68° F/20° C to 140° F/60° C
  • Probe and probe clip included


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