Upblast Propeller Roof Exhaust Fans

(UBB and UBX)


UBB and UBX are high capacity roof mounted exhausters rated from 5,900 to 78,000 CFM. They are general ventilation units designed to economically remove large volumes of air, fumes, and vapors from commercial and industrial buildings such as warehouses, manufacturing and assembly plants, distribution centers, chemical plants, foundries and paper mills.

Straight-through airflow design results in maximum exhaust efficiency. During operation, high airflow velocity opens butterfly dampers and prevents rain or snow from entering. Dampers close and cover the venturi opening when the unit is not in use.

The roof-mounted location eliminates interference with processes and equipment inside the building. It also permits locating the exhauster over a source of heated or contaminated air, allowing direct upward venting to the outside, unlike wall mounted exhausters which may move contaminated air through adjacent workspaces.

Belt drive units usually operate more quietly and afford easier performance adjustments, while direct drive models require less maintenance.

  • Exhaust air up to 78,000 CFM in static pressure applications up to 1/2″ w.g.
  • Straight-through airflow design results in maximum exhaust efficiency
  • Belt drives permit easy performance adjustments when needed
  • Direct drive units have low sound levels and quiet operation
  • cULus 705 Listed

2-year fan housing warranty, 1-year motor warranty

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